Classic RTS From 22 Years Ago to Receive Exciting Remake - Age of Mythology Retold

Classic RTS From 22 Years Ago to Receive Exciting Remake - Age of Mythology Retold

For many of us, the early 2000s were a golden age of real-time strategy (RTS) games. Titles like Age of Empires and StarCraft dominated our screens, but one game that always stood out to me was Age of Mythology. Released in 2002, Age of Mythology (AoM) combined strategic gameplay with rich mythological lore from Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Atlantean cultures. It wasn't just about building armies and conquering foes; it was about summoning gods, unleashing mythical creatures, and immersing oneself in a world where legends came to life. Now, 22 years later, this classic RTS returns triumphantly with a grand remake: Age of Mythology: Retold.

Scheduled for release on September 4, 2024, Age of Mythology: Retold promises to be more than a nostalgia trip. As someone who spent countless hours navigating the campaigns and battling friends in the original game, I can't express how excited I am to see this revival. The developers behind the Age of Empires series have taken the helm, ensuring that the remake will combine the best elements of the original game with modern RTS design and visuals.

Age of Mythology Retold – beautiful landscape screenshot

One of the most thrilling aspects of Age of Mythology: Retold is its commitment to staying true to the original while enhancing it with today's gaming technology. The game will feature the same engaging strategy but with updated graphics and mechanics that promise to breathe new life into the experience. I vividly remember the awe I felt when I first summoned Zeus' lightning or called upon the Norse dragons in the original game. Now, with modern graphics, those moments are bound to be even more spectacular.

Age of Mythology Retold – Village Screenshot

The remake isn't just about visual upgrades, though. Age of Mythology: Retold will include multiple campaigns spanning 50 missions, allowing players to embark on epic journeys across a mythical world. From besieging the walls of Troy to battling giants in the frozen wastes of Midgard, the game promises a rich narrative experience. I still remember the thrill of discovering the mysteries of Osiris in Egypt, and I can't wait to relive those moments with a fresh perspective.

Age of Mythology: Retold will also offer multiplayer options for those who love competitive play. You can battle against friends or advanced AI on dozens of randomly generated maps, ensuring limitless replayability. I fondly recall the countless hours I spent in multiplayer matches, honing my skills and devising new tactics. The prospect of diving back into that competitive scene with modern improvements is incredibly enticing.

Age of Mythology Retold – battle between two fractions screenshot

Age of Mythology: Retold will be available on PC and consoles, making it accessible to a broader audience. For those who pre-order the Premium Edition, the game offers seven days of early access and additional exclusive content like the New Gods Pack. This timed exclusive will add even more depth to an already rich game. I'm seriously considering the pre-order to get a head start.

In conclusion, the remake of Age of Mythology is shaping up to be a must-play for both veterans of the original game and newcomers to the RTS genre. It's not just about rekindling old memories but about experiencing a beloved classic in a new light. As someone who has cherished the original game for over two decades, I can't wait to see what Age of Mythology: Retold has in store. Whether you're a fan of mythological lore, strategic gameplay, or simply great storytelling, this remake promises to be an epic adventure that's worth every moment.

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