Meet Your Old Friends Again in Hades 2: A Character Guide

Meet Your Old Friends Again in Hades 2: A Character Guide

For fans of the original Hades game, one of the most exciting aspects of the sequel Hades 2 is getting to reunite with beloved characters in an all-new adventure. While the protagonist may be different this time around, stepping into the role of Melinoe instead of Zagreus, many familiar faces populate the Underworld realms you'll be exploring. Seeing how these characters have evolved and what new roles they play is an absolute delight.

Right from the start, you're greeted by the friendly Shade Schelemeus, once again serving as your trusty combat instructor. His banter is just as amusing as ever, ribbing you while still offering crucial tips on mastering each new weapon's movesets. I couldn't help but smile at his familiar wisecracks, making me feel right at home amidst the chaos of the Underworld. Schelemeus provides a comforting touchstone to the original game while you're getting your bearings in this new journey.

List of all Returning Characters

Gods of Olympus

  • Zeus
  • Poseidon
  • Aphrodite
  • Artemis
  • Demeter
  • Hermes
  • Chaos

House of Hades

  • Hades
  • Hypnos
  • Charon
  • Cerberus

Other Returning Characters

  • Schelemeus (Skelly)

Gods of Olympus


The ruler of Olympus and bringer of lightning is back, looking slightly more battle-worn but still boisterous. Zeus was one of the most prolific gods in bestowing boons in the first game, and his abilities will no doubt be just as indispensable for Melinoe’s journey.


The jovial god of the seas returns, trident in hand. Poseidon’s laidback demeanor masked some incredibly potent boons and abilities in Hades. His powers over the ocean’s depths will indeed prove vital once more.


The goddess of beauty and desire is still a force to be reckoned with. Aphrodite’s unique abilities to enfeeble foes and augment Melinoe’s defenses will likely make her boons hotly sought-after again.


The huntress makes a comeback, though it seems she has taken on a new undercover role, acting as a spy to undermine Chronos’ forces. Artemis’ skills and precision will be an asset regardless of her methods.


Melinoe’s grandmother, Demeter, returns, looking more hardened and ready for battle. With a wilting aura surrounding her, one can only imagine the devastation her nature-based abilities will bring.

Hades 2 - Demeter


You can count on the fleet-footed messenger god to make another appearance. Hermes’ boons focused on amplifying speed and evasiveness, which will surely come in handy again.

Hades 2 - Hermes


The primordial embodiment of…well, chaos returns in an utterly new, grotesque form. Chaos’ abilities were potent and challenging to master in the first game - expect more delightfully mind-bending offerings from this entity. Btw, if u're looking for Plasma in Hades 2, Chaos is your friend.

House of Hades


The Lord of the Underworld himself returns, though in drastically diminished circumstances. Having been imprisoned by Chronos, Hades is a shattered figure desperately warning Melinoe away from her quest. His boons, however, may prove crucial for confronting the Titan.

Hades 2 - Hades and Cerberus


The perpetually drowsy god of sleep hasn’t changed, still snoozing away in his ethereal hammock. While lazy, Hypnos’ abilities let him manipulate the very nature of death itself.


The skiff-borne merchant is back, now overseeing a massive commercial operation. Charon’s wares, traded for alien obsidian “obols,” will contain plenty of valuable supplies and upgrades for purchase.


Hades’ faithful three-headed hound accompanies his master in imprisonment. Cerberus will probably resume his role as a formidable line of defense that must be overcome.

Other Returning Characters

Schelemeus (Skelly)

The cheeky skeleton warrior who assisted Zagreus returned under his real name, Schelemeus. Serving as Melinoe’s combat trainer, expect him to be just as mouthy a punching bag as before.


Hades 2 is shaping into an exciting blend of new and familiar elements. Seeing all these iconic characters from the first game in new roles and situations will surely delight fans. Their actions and fates remain to be seen, but one thing is sure - reuniting with these familiar faces in the Underworld will feel very good indeed.

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