Guide to Surviving Your First Year in Manor Lords Game
Guide to Surviving Your First Year in Manor Lords Game

Guide to Surviving Your First Year in Manor Lords Game

The first year in Manor Lords can be challenging as you establish your settlement with limited resources. But with some smart planning and prioritization, you can set your village up for long-term success. Here are the key steps to survive and thrive in that critical first year:

Secure a Food Supply

Your very first priority should be ensuring your villagers have enough to eat. Starvation is the quickest way to lose settlers. Immediately build a Forager's Hut near the nearest berry bushes and a Hunting Lodge by the deer spawn. This will provide a steady early food supply.

I find it's best to build the road first to these food sources, then place the buildings. That way your villagers have quick access and you avoid building too close to resources which can cause issues.

Provide Shelter

Next up is housing. Build 4-5 Burgage Plots with roads connecting them. Leave enough space behind the plots for backyard extensions later. Homelessness leads to villagers leaving, so always make sure you have a couple vacant homes.

In my experience, placing the Burgage Plots in a line along the main road works well. It keeps things organized as you expand housing later on. Avoid the temptation to spread them out too much early.

Construct a Marketplace

With food and shelter sorted, shift focus to setting up a marketplace. This will fulfill your settlers' commerce needs, enabling population growth. Ideally place the market in a central location that's easily accessible to houses.

manor lords build marketplace

I like using the market tool to custom fit stalls into odd-shaped gaps between roads. Just ensure you provide enough stalls to meet the population's needs. You'll see the demand on the market interface.

Expand Food Production

By now, foraging and hunting probably aren't cutting it anymore. Transition to sustainable food production by building a Windmill and a couple Bakeries. You'll need to set up grain and livestock farms to supply them.

Personally, I find building the Windmill near grain farms is most efficient. Minimize the distance your oxen need to travel. And don't neglect water! Wells both provide drinking water and improve farm fertility.

Boost Happiness with a Tavern

Aside from basic needs, keeping villagers happy is important too. Building a Tavern and supplying it with beer from a brewery gives a nice happiness boost. Happier settlers are more productive ones.

manor lords tavern - the place to be in the town

I usually tuck my Tavern into a back corner near the houses. That seems to maximize its area of effect for happiness. Keep an eye on the beer supply and build more breweries as needed to keep the good times rolling!

Other Tips

  • Build a Woodcutter to supply logs for construction
  • Recruit soldiers from the Barracks to defend against raiders
  • Diversify backyard extensions for a variety of goods
  • Expand deliberately and steadily - avoid overextending

With these basics covered, you'll have a thriving town ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead. The first year in Manor Lords takes planning and balancing competing priorities, but before you know it you'll have a bustling medieval metropolis! Good luck!

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