Hades 2 Latest Update - Game-Changing Enhancements Reviewed

Hades 2 Latest Update - Game-Changing Enhancements Reviewed

Supergiant Games has released a significant update for Hades 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed roguelike Hades. This update introduces a plethora of game-changing quality-of-life enhancements that promise to elevate the overall gameplay experience for players.

Resource-Gathering System

The revamped resource-gathering system is one of the most significant changes introduced in this update. In the previous version, players had to grind endlessly to acquire specific resources, often leading to frustration and tedium. However, the new update addresses this issue by allowing players to gather from any resource point once they have unlocked the corresponding Gathering Tool. Additionally, players can prioritize any available Tool in the Training Grounds, ensuring that the resources they need appear more frequently. In contrast, resources for non-prioritized Tools will appear less often.

This quality-of-life enhancement is a game-changer for me personally. As someone who values efficient gameplay and dislikes unnecessary grind, I believe the new resource-gathering system has significantly improved my overall experience with Hades 2. I no longer have to spend countless runs farming for a specific resource; instead, I can focus on progressing through the game's challenging content and unlocking new areas and abilities. Another noteworthy improvement in this update is the enhancement of the Dash and Sprint mechanics. The developers have listened to player feedback and made sprinting innately faster and more responsive, with improved turning capabilities. Abilities that boost the Sprint have also been re-scaled to accommodate these changes. Moreover, the standard Dash has been upgraded, allowing players to reliably Dash out of many attack-recovery animations and making it easier to traverse chasms in specific biomes.

hades 2 - scourge of the seas

As a dedicated fan of the original Hades, I can't overstate the impact of the Dash and Sprint mechanics update. These mechanics were crucial for navigating the Underworld, and the improvements in this update have made them even more enjoyable. The ability to Dash out of attack-recovery animations is a game-changer, making combat encounters more dynamic and strategic. This update has truly enhanced my gaming experience.

In addition to these significant enhancements, the update includes many more minor quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. Players can now see their current Gold amount from a Well of Charon without checking their Boon Info, which is a minor but convenient change. The developers have also addressed issues with certain Boons, enemy spawns, camera behavior, and input handling, ensuring a smoother and more polished gameplay experience.

Patch notes

Level Design & Environments

  • It is easier to Dash across chasms in
  • resources are more common in the

Menus & UI

  • Using a Well of Charon displays your current Gold without the need to check your Boon Info
  • The Grasp Upgrade Tutorial in the Altar of Ashes will repeat if ignored
  • Added Patch Notes option to the Main Menu (where you can read this!)


  • Early encounters with are less likely to occur; she also drops something of value...
  • Related, if this already occurred, look for a one-time bonus in the Crossroads while is present
  • Entries in the Book of Shadows are generally easier to reveal
  • You can gift without having to wait around as long after conversing
  • Adjusted upgrades invalidated by the Gathering Tool changes above
  • In the Flashback, a hint will eventually play for players who don't realize they are in control
  • Improved mouse selection in various cases
  • Improved support for some additional controllers
  • Abilities that boost Sprint speed display more-accurate numbers (generally lower than before)
  • Updates and fixes to translations in some languages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several issues with Dark Side (Selene)
  • Fixed Sun Worshiper (Apollo) sometimes preventing new foes from spawning
  • Fixed Fire Extinguisher (Hestia) not dealing damage as expected
  • Fixed Sister Blades Omega Attack not hitting reliably from certain angles
  • Fixed retaining the ability to block while afflicted with Twilight Curse (Selene)
  • Fixed various cases of foes sometimes spawning out of bounds
  • Fixed camera zoom-in getting stuck vs. in certain situations
  • Fixed cases where you could Dash out of bounds in the Crossroads
  • Fixed Fishing Pier events in the Crossroads not passing Whiles like other similar events
  • Fixed autolock not clearing as expected while using mouse controls
  • Fixed keyboard inputs sometimes getting stuck unexpectedly
  • Fixed several input issues switching from gamepad to mouse-and-keyboard controls
  • Fixed several issues playing in ultrawide resolutions
  • Fixed some visual effects vs. lingering between phases or after the fight
  • Fixed a Melinoë voice line repeating unexpectedly around the
  • Fixed various rare crashes
  • Fixed several text errors
  • Other minor fixes


Overall, this update for Hades 2 demonstrates Supergiant Games' commitment to listening to player feedback and continuously improving their games. The quality-of-life enhancements introduced in this update are truly game-changing, addressing some of the most significant pain points players faced in the previous version. As an avid fan of the Hades series, I am thrilled with these changes and eagerly await the future updates and content that Supergiant Games has in store for this highly anticipated sequel.

You can read more about the first patch from the official patch noted from Steam here.

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