Guide to Moon Dust in Hades 2: Acquisition and Usage Tips

Guide to Moon Dust in Hades 2: Acquisition and Usage Tips

What is Moon Dust in Hades 2?

In the highly anticipated sequel to the smash hit roguelike Hades, Moon Dust is a in-game currency that allows you to upgrade your abilities and weapons. It's an essential resource for progressing further in each run and eventually reaching that elusive first clear. The glimmering silver dust can be tricky to accumulate at first but becomes more plentiful as you get further into the game.

Hades 2 - Moon Dust inside inventar

How to get Moon Dust

There are a few key ways to earn Moon Dust in Hades 2:

Smashing Urns

As in the first game, destructible objects like urns and pots are scattered throughout the levels. Smashing these will sometimes yield a pinch of Moon Dust. This is your primary means of obtaining the stuff in the early game. Knowing that precious Moon Dust could be inside, I went out of my way to break every urn I encountered.

Completing Chambers

After finishing a chamber, you'll be rewarded with darkness, gemstones, and sometimes a serving of Moon Dust. The further you get in a run, the more likely you will receive Moon Dust as a room-clear reward. While it's not guaranteed, this becomes an increasingly important source of dust the deeper you delve.

Trading with Charon

Everyone's favorite boatman Charon is back with his shop, and he's got a new item in stock - you guessed it, Moon Dust. You can purchase a pouch of Moon Dust by trading a hefty sum of gemstones. This is a costly but surefire way to boost your dust reserves in a pinch. Whenever I saw that glimmering sack for sale, I was always tempted to spend all my gems.

Hades 2 - Trading your Moon Dust in Shop

Bounties and Prophecies

The Fates and their prophecies make a return, and completing these objectives will net you some Moon Dust along with other rewards. Additionally, defeating wanted enemies with a bounty on their heads can award dust. These wanted foes appear rarely but drop a handsome amount of Moon Dust, so they're worth seeking out. I made it a point to hunt down any bounties I could.

Spending Moon Dust Wisely

Once you've gathered a healthy stockpile of Moon Dust, it's time to spend it. Moon Dust can be used to:

  • Level up your weapons at theForge
  • Enhance your abilities and spells at theTalent Screen
  • Purchase powerful items from Charon's Shop
How to Use Moon Dust in Hades 2

It's essential to spend your Moon Dust intelligently and not just dump it all into the first upgrades you see. Focus first on upgrading your favorite weapon aspects, giving you an immediate and noticeable power boost. Spell and talent upgrades are also necessary, but their effects can initially be more challenging to perceive. And, of course, saving some dust for clutch purchases from Charon is rarely a bad idea.


Moon Dust is the main meta-progression currency in Hades 2, and unlocking permanent upgrades is the key to overcoming the game's steep challenge. By smashing urns, completing chambers, trading with Charon, and completing bounties and prophecies, you'll slowly amass a fortune of Moon Dust to power up Melinoë. The Underworld may be an unforgiving place, but with some patience, skill, and a whole lot of Moon Dust, you'll be able to escape the clutches of Chronos and discover the mysteries that await on the surface.

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