Essential Artemis Boons in Hades 2 for Enhanced Gameplay

Essential Artemis Boons in Hades 2 for Enhanced Gameplay

Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, returns in Hades 2 with her signature critical hit-focused boons. While her boons are powerful, getting them can be tricky as she needs to have her own boon gate like the other Olympians. Instead, you'll need to encounter her randomly during runs for a chance at her boons. When "The Hunt is On!" appears, be ready for a tough fight but with big rewards if you can best Artemis' onslaught.

Once you beat the enemies Artemis summons, you'll get a chance to choose from three of her boons and receive some other rewards. Here are the Artemis boons I think are must-haves for any run in Hades 2:

Hades 2 - Artemis all boons

Support Fire

This was one of Artemis' signature boons in the first Hades, and it returns just as strongly in the sequel. After hitting enemies with your attack or special, seeking arrows will fire out, causing solid damage. This boon is devastating as the seeking arrows stack up quickly on a fast weapon like the Twin Fists. I always take this boon when offered, as the consistent extra damage is invaluable.

Death Warrant

Death Warrant is the Artemis boon you want for more challenging enemies and bosses. It marks a random enemy, giving them a 30% chance to take critical damage. If that marked enemy takes a critical hit, the mark resets on another nearby foe. This can create a chain where you're constantly dealing with critical hits. It's especially potent against bosses who don't summon other enemies, keeping the mark cycling indefinitely. Death Warrant makes short work of any tough foe.

Pressure Points

While not as immediately impactful as the other two, Pressure Points is a boon I try to pick up. At higher rarities especially, it gives any damage you deal a chance to be a critical hit. This has incredible synergy with fast weapons like the Twin Fists or boons that allow you to hit many times rapidly, like Dionysus' Drunken Strike. The crits stacking up from Pressure Points can make short work of rooms.


One thing to remember with all of Artemis' boons is that they require you to consistently hit enemies to be effective. They work best on weapons with fast combos or multi-hitting abilities. On something slower like the Adamant Rail, they lose some value. But on the right builds, Artemis' boons are among the most destructive in Hades 2.

Hades 2 - Meet again Artemis

Not every run will allow you to pick from Artemis' offerings. But when you do encounter the Goddess of the Hunt, these are the boons I prioritize taking. Support Fire's consistent damage and Death Warrant's boss shredding are immense powerhouses. So be ready to answer the call when you see "The Hunt is On!"

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