Manor Lords Update: Player's Massive City Prompts Game Optimizations

Manor Lords Update: Player's Massive City Prompts Game Optimizations


A dedicated Manor Lords player, Busy-Shallot, has achieved an incredible feat by constructing a massive city within the game, catching the attention of the player community and the game's developer. This colossal metropolis pushes the boundaries of what is currently possible in Manor Lords. It showcases the game's potential for large-scale city-building.

Manor Lords - 4.500 inhabitians project - Screenshot 2

The Colossal Metropolis

Busy-Shallot's city is a testament to their dedication and creativity. With over 4,500 inhabitants, it is a sprawling and intricate creation that requires more than 50 hours of playtime to construct. The player's attention to detail and strategic planning are evident in the city's layout and infrastructure, which includes a well-organized network of roads, residential areas, and production facilities.

The scale of the city is imposing, especially considering that Manor Lords is still in early access. It's a testament to the game's robust city-building mechanics and the dedication of its player base. As someone who has dabbled in city-building games, I can only imagine the patience and perseverance required to create such a massive and functional city.

Developer's Reaction and Future Optimizations

The city's grandeur caught the attention of Greg Styczeń, the developer behind Manor Lords. Styczeń expressed his amazement at its size and pledged to continue working on optimizations to ensure that players can continue creating large-scale cities without experiencing performance issues.

Manor Lords - Developer Reaction

This interaction between the player and the developer highlights the importance of community feedback in shaping a game's future. By pushing the limits of current possibilities, players like Busy-Shallot provide valuable insights into areas where the game can be improved and optimized. Seeing a developer receptive to player feedback and committed to enhancing the gaming experience is encouraging.

Inspiring the Community

Busy-Shallot's achievement has not only impressed the developer but also sparked friendly competition within the Manor Lords community. Other players are now inspired to surpass this city-building milestone, which bodes well for the game's longevity and player engagement.

Manor Lords - 4.500 inhabitians project

As a fan of the game, I find it exciting to see the community come together to celebrate and build upon each other's creations. This kind of positive interaction fosters a sense of camaraderie and encourages players to push their creative boundaries. It's one of the reasons why I believe Manor Lords has the potential to become a classic in the city-building genre.


The colossal metropolis constructed by Busy-Shallot in Manor Lords is a remarkable achievement that showcases the game's potential and the dedication of its player base. The developer's positive reaction and commitment to optimization ensure that players can continue to create impressive cities without sacrificing performance. As the game evolves during its early access period, it will be exciting to see what other incredible creations players will bring to life in the world of Manor Lords.

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