Efficient Ore Mining Strategies in Manor Lords Game

Efficient Ore Mining Strategies in Manor Lords Game

Ore is an essential resource in Manor Lords for crafting tools, weapons, and other goods in your settlement. Efficiently mining and using ore can help accelerate your village's growth and prosperity. Here are some strategies to optimize your ore production and utilization.

Source Of Iron In Manor Lords

Prioritize Iron Deposits Early

When you start a new game in Manor Lords, scout the map for nearby iron ore deposits. Iron is the most crucial ore early on, as it allows you to craft essential tools and weapons. Prioritize building a mine on an iron deposit as soon as you have the population and resources to support it. To jumpstart production, assigning 3-4 workers to a new iron mine is best. Once you build up a stockpile, you can always scale back later. Getting iron flowing quickly makes a big difference.

Unlock the Blacksmith Building

You'll need to construct a Blacksmith building. To process ore into usable metal. This should be one of your first building upgrades. Place the Blacksmith near both your mines and crafting workshops to minimize travel time for your workers. The Blacksmith has upgrades that boost production speed and capacity, so invest in those when you can. I aim to get the first 2-3 upgrades within the first couple of years.

Build A Bloomery in Manor Lords

Craft Essential Tools First

With your initial batch of iron, focus on crafting tools that improve worker efficiency, like pickaxes, hoes, and hammers. Equipping miners, farmers, and builders with better tools speeds up resource gathering and construction. Wait on crafting weapons and armor until you have a surplus of metal. Your early defense can be handled by hiring a few mercenaries.

Build Additional Mines

As your population grows, you'll need more ore to supply your Blacksmith and workshops. Survey the map for additional ore deposits, including gold, silver, and coal. Build mines in strategic locations to tap into these deposits.

Iron Mine In Manor Lords

Avoid building mines too close together, as they will compete for the same workers. Space them out around your village.

Set up Smart Stockpiles

Use the stockpile system to distribute ore to your Blacksmith and crafting buildings automatically. Create high-priority stockpiles near your mines. Then, set up smaller stockpiles near your workshops to pull from the mining stockpiles.

This minimizes manual resource management. Your workers will automatically keep your mines and workshops well-supplied. I use this system for all key resources.

Balance Mining Labor

Mines require many workers who could otherwise be farming, building, or crafting. Avoid over-allocating workers to your mines, especially early on when growth is crucial. Later in the game, when you have a larger population, you can dedicate more villagers to mining. But pay attention to other vital industries. A 25% /75 % split between miners and other workers tends to work well.

Sell Excess Ore

Once you're producing more ore than you can use, consider exporting the excess for cash. This is especially lucrative with gold and silver. Build a Trading Post and set up trade routes with neighboring villages. Use the profits to import other resources you may lack, like stone or wood. Smart trading can help balance your economy and accelerate growth.

By implementing these ore mining and management strategies, you'll keep your settlement well supplied with this critical resource. Efficient ore production leads to faster crafting, a stronger military, and a more robust economy. Prioritize mining infrastructure early, but not at the expense of other vital industries. With smart ore mining and usage, your village will thrive!

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