Manor Lords Update v0.7.960: Enhancements & Mod Improvements
Manor Lords Update v0.7.960: Enhancements & Mod Improvements

Manor Lords Update v0.7.960 Patch Notes

New Features and Improvements

The Manor Lords v0.7.960 update brings some exciting new features and enhancements to the game:

  • Added a new "Backyard Extensions" feature for Burgage Plots. Families can now produce bonus goods in their backyard if you extend the plot far enough back when constructing it (indicated by a hammer under a roof symbol). This adds a nice layer of realism - medieval villagers often made good use of the space behind their homes.
  • Implemented a "Storage Plus Plus" mod that increases warehouse storage capacity. No more constantly juggling resources because your warehouses are overflowing! This should make city management a bit less tedious.
  • Improved the Sawpit building by upping the maximum log storage amount (thanks to a new mod). Fewer trips to restock means your lumberjacks can be more productive.
  • Official support for NVIDIA DLSS has been added to boost performance. The game already ran pretty well on my RTX 3070, but DLSS really helps maintain a stable framerate during large battles with hundreds of units on screen.
  • Introduced new cosmetic mods, including playing as Geralt from The Witcher, Shrek (yes, really), and a female character in a bunny costume (I'm not sure about that one). It's fun to mess around with, but I prefer the default look.
manor-lords Carried corpses now have a visual representation

Balance Changes

The update also makes some notable balance tweaks:

  • Mercenary and Baron army sizes can now be up to 5x larger if using a new mod. I tried it out and it makes the real-time battles more challenging. I recommend it for veteran players who want to test their tactical skills.
  • The default garrison limit for town centers and castles has been increased. This helps make your settlements more defensible in the late game when facing large enemy armies, and it's a welcome change in my book.

Bug Fixes

Manor Lords v0.7.960 squashes some pesky bugs, too:

  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when loading a saved game. It didn't happen to me very often, but happy it's resolved.
  • Corrected an issue where specific text wasn't adequately localized. The translation to my native language seems more complete now.
  • Addressed a few pathfinding hiccups with farm animals getting stuck on objects. My sheep would constantly get hung up on fences, so I'm glad this is sorted out.
  • Fixed some missing sound effects on the main menu.

Modding Improvements

Lastly, the update expands mod support:

  • Uploaded the game's debug console tool to help modders troubleshoot their creations.
  • Additional documentation for the modding API has been released. There still isn't full official mod support yet, but the developers seem committed to enabling the modding community, which is great to see.
manor-lords The Large Granary building got a rework


All in all, the Manor Lords v0.7.960 update is a solid one. The new features like Backyard Extensions add welcome depth to the village management side of things, and the various mods really expand the possibilities. The bug fixes are also much appreciated - the developers are clearly committed to ironing out issues.

While we're still waiting on that full modding support, this patch is a step in the right direction. If you last played Manor Lords a while ago, this is a great time to jump back in and see what's new. And if you've never played at all, now's as good a time as any to try out this unique mashup of city-builder and RTS. I've certainly been enjoying my time with it.

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