Create the Ultimate Castle in Manor Lords with Castle Planner
Create the Ultimate Castle in Manor Lords with Castle Planner

Mastering the Castle Planner in Manor Lords

As you expand your settlement in Manor Lords, you must start thinking about fortifications. After all, raiders and enemy armies won't wait for you to build up a thriving metropolis before they come knocking at your gates. This is where the Castle Planner comes in—a powerful tool that lets you design and construct your medieval stronghold.

The Basics of the Castle Planner

The Castle Planner is unlocked once your settlement reaches a specific size and population. When you click on it, you're presented with a blank canvas to let your inner architect run wild. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, even for those who need to be better versed in castle design.

You start by laying out the basic shape of your castle using walls and towers. Walls come in straight and curved segments, allowing you to create anything from a simple square keep to an elaborate star fort. Towers can be placed at the corners or walls for added defense.

Customizing Your Castle

One of the great things about the Castle Planner is its customization level. You're not limited to walls and towers - you can also add gates, drawbridges, and even a moat if you're feeling particularly paranoid.

The game also lets you choose from different materials for your castle, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Stone is the most durable but expensive, while wood is cheap but flammable. Finding the right balance is fundamental to building a castle that can withstand sieges without breaking the bank.

Integrating Your Castle with the Settlement

A castle isn't much use if it's just sitting in a corner of the map, disconnected from your settlement. The Castle Planner allows you to integrate your fortifications with the rest of your town seamlessly.

manor lords village

You can connect your castle to your roads and trade routes, ensuring that supplies and reinforcements can easily reach your defenders in times of need. You can also designate areas within the castle walls for housing, storage, and gardens, making your stronghold self-sufficient.

Putting Your Castle to the Test

Once you've designed your dream castle, it's time to see how it holds up in battle. Manor Lords features large-scale tactical battles in which you can command your troops in real-time.

manor lords troops on the way to battle

Having a well-designed castle can make all the difference in these engagements. A strong gatehouse can hold off enemy rams, while towers give your archers a height advantage. Walls can funnel the enemy into chokepoints, making them easier to defeat.

Of course, no castle is impregnable. As the commander, you must make the most of your fortifications and adapt your strategy to the situation.


The Castle Planner in Manor Lords is a fantastic tool that adds a whole new layer of depth to the game. It allows you to express your creativity while serving a practical purpose in protecting your settlement.

Mastering the Castle Planner takes time and experimentation. Still, the satisfaction of seeing your carefully crafted stronghold withstand a siege is well worth the effort. So go forth, my lord, and build a castle that will be the envy of the realm!

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