Step Into the Middle Ages with Manor Lords VR Mod
Step Into the Middle Ages with Manor Lords VR Mod

The Future is Here: Manor Lords VR Mod


The much-anticipated medieval city builder and RTS game Manor Lords launched in Early Access last week to great fanfare. Developed by solo dev Greg Styczen„ of Slavic Magic and published by Hooded Horse, the game immediately shot to the top of the Steam charts and wishlist. But what's even more exciting is that modders have already gotten the game working in virtual reality just days after release. That's right - the future of immersive gaming is here with the Manor Lords VR mod.

Manor Lords Gameplay

For the uninitiated, Manor Lords is set in 14th-century Franconia and tasks you with building up a medieval city while also engaging in large-scale tactical battles. The game features incredibly detailed and historically accurate city-building mechanics, requiring you to manage resources, trade, taxation, and the social needs of your populace. You can explore your city in a gorgeous third-person view mode in addition to the standard top-down perspective.


The real-time battles are equally as impressive, with hundreds of units clashing on the field in epic media warfare. Cavalry charges, siege engines, and desperate last stands - it's all here and rendered in stunning detail on Unreal Engine 4.

The VR Mod

But now, imagine stepping into that world and experiencing it all in immersive virtual reality. That's precisely what the modding community Flat2VR has achieved by getting Manor Lords working in 6DOF VR using Praydog's UEVR mod. With this, you can walk the streets of your city, gazing up at the half-timbered houses and grand stone keeps. Inspect your industries and resources up close, watching your villagers toil away. Marvel at the scale of your fortifications and castles.

Then, when the time comes, survey the battlefield from a commander's vantage. The sense of scale and immersion is unparalleled when you descend into the chaos of melee as the swords commander shows whiz by your head. This is the kind of experience VR was made for. The Manor Lords VR mod, while still early, represents a huge leap forward for Manor Lordsal for VR in gaming.

An Exciting Future

What's even more encouraging is the developer's response. When Flat2VR showed off the mod on Twitter, Slavic Magic simply replied: "Wow, I have no idea how it's done, but I'm impressed it works." Rather than denouncing it or trying to shut it down like some other developers and publishers, they seem genuinely excited by the prospects.


Hopefully, This support will allow Flat2VR and other modders to continue refining the experience, adding motion controller support and other enhancements. It may even convince Slavic Magic to add official VR support. Either way, this is a massive win for VR gaming.


Manor Lords was already shaping into something special with its blend of deep medieval city building and epic RTS warfare. However, adding VR support through modding has elevated it to a whole new level. The future of immersive gaming is here, and experiences like the Manor Lords VR mod will continue to drive mainstream adoption of virtual reality. I, for one, cannot wait to get lost in the virtual Middle Ages and see what other amazing VR mods await us.

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